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Nicole Demby

Hi Dan--

This is Nicole, from the Living as Form--->Occupy Wall Street expedition today. I was talking a bit with Gerald during the walk over to "liberty plaza" about activists/intellectuals producing texts about the occupation that could be circulated around the internet. It occurred to me that while the wisconsin protests were seen as legit by the mainstream media, the wall street protests have been written off for a number of reasons (lack of demands, age of protestors, etc.). I know the activism in Wisconsin was a response to a specific events/people, but it still might be helpful to have someone who was heavily involved in what happened there talk about occupy wall street, alluding to the overlapping sentiments behind both (I really liked what you said during your summit presentation re wisconsin and egypt about resonances set up between these things through temporal proximity--like Gerald's abstract machines ((I know wisconsin and wall st aren't strictly contemporaneous, but close enough...)). There's also been a lot of labor outreach/overlap happening at zuccotti). Just a thought! It was truly wonderful meeting you today and taking that inspiring trip together. I hope the discussions it initiated yield something fruitful in the coming weeks.



Hi Nicole,

I talked to Gerald as well. I think it is a great idea. We spoke about time frame, that we'd like to see some perspectives shared within the week, so that the texts could be used as tools of reflection and evaluation to a movement in progress.

I hope you will add something. It would be terrific to have a 4-6 voices representing a (mini-)spectrum of angles.

Email me at [email protected] so I can get your email. Better for communication than here or on FB.

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