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Dan, I had no idea you were a Laughing Hyenas fan! I love the hell out of that band and just listened to Life of Crime last week. If you don't have "You Can't Pray a Lie" or "Merry Go Round" you need those too.

Dan S Wang

Okay, I'm on it, thank you. John Brannon truly roars, though I saw on some web interview or profile him saying that that's simply how he sings. I figured I'd better start off the set with something that got people's attention. But the two offerings that had people taking notes were the 100 Proof Aged in Soul and the Question Mark and the Mysterians!

Will do it again in Wuhan, which supposedly has some underground punk/anarchist scene (whatever that means).


John Brannon is my favorite screamer in rock period. He is absolutely ferocious and his voice is as good as ever in his newer band Easy Action. The music isn't as strong as Laughing Hyenas but they are always worth seeing for his fearsome voice and presence. How that man has anything left of a voice is one of life's great mysteries but he's still screaming as hard as ever.

You should also be aware of his earlier hardcore band Negative Approach who made one killer 7" and one LP ("Tied Down" on Touch & Go). Both have been reissued.

Laughing Hyenas (Pretty sure I was at this show):


Dan S Wang

As far as being surprised goes, hey, I am living proof that one can be a fan of both Laughing Hyenas and the Carpenters. You know, I had (have, actually) the Tied Down LP on order but didn't get it in time for this China trip. So that'll hit the platter at home prob in June. The other lesson of this project is, now I know why djs bring their own cartridges. Piece of shit turntable, bad cartridge. I'll be lucky to get home with some undamaged records. Never again.


Negative Approach's 7" - easily one of the greatest hardcore 7"'s ever - was also re-released a while back, though with horrible new cover art. Still it's an amazing blast of anger.

For more Michigan punk/hardcore be sure to check out the Touch & Go 'zine anthology book. My old childhood 'zinester pal Tony Rettman also has a book on Detroit Hardcore from 1979-85 that I'm still waiting to see. I ordered it from him.

Great that you brought over some Question Mark. I still need to hear 100 Proof Aged Soul.

Having seen how some friends likely change their stylus maybe once every ten years, I'd be very afraid to know what the used records I buy all the time were played on before they came into my possession. Hope all your wax sounds okay when you get back. I applaud that you brought over the actual records and not a CDr of MP3s.

Dan S Wang

When I say "never again" I mean, never travel without my own cartridge again! Bringing records to China was totally worth it. People here really appreciated it. 100 Proof Aged in Soul is like motown melodies but with a southern roughness, exactly what you'd expect from a team of Motown refugees that had the same talent and taste but not the pro/pop production sensibilities of a Berry Gordy. Very fine, very Detroit. Many in the audience couldn't get over the fact that the Mysterians were (are?) all Mexican.

It's the next leg of the trip, to Wuhan, will be durability test for the records.

Don't know if you saw, one of the youtube links on the blog is of an Angry Red Planet performance. Classic Detroit hardcore.


Just made sure to see that video. Those Backporch kids documented the hell out of underground Detroit music. It's amazing how much video is up now. Lots of great Negative Approach stuff too.


Great list!

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