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Hi Dan,

Could you please send me your email?


Al Klinger

Dan, Wonderful analysis. Just got to it. I do not use this address much. The one I use is Am working with MoveOn and Corporate Accountability International. Think our biggest problems arise from corporations which rule and ruin us. Responsible for Bush, the war, the military, the 700 plus bases we have all over the earth in attempt to control it. Obama is caught up in it and is often trapped. The business of using violence to solve problems has become innate. Stay well. Al Klinger


I think what we saw is only the beginning. It has inspired people to come out and rally. Last week 10,000 protested Georgia's anti-immigration law. Every week we see more reports of protests around the country and world. People are suffering and desparate people have no reason to stay home.

Dan S Wang

Long term, yes, this is only the beginning. Same as the Tea Party movement was only a beginning. The waking of an engaged citizenry around the world, this is a good thing, no doubt.

Nonetheless, in the short term the movement suffered a huge defeat that should not be minimized or denied. Not because defeats are not allowed, but because there was an opportunity that was not taken. That is what we need to discuss-why wasn't it taken? Fear? Lack of movement intelligence? Dependence on a moderate leadership? Unwillingness to assert a leadership from the grassroots? Shock and paralysis (having been taken by surprise by the Republicans)?

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