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This is great Dan. I have been waiting to hear your reports from Wisconsin. Thanks for writing.

Laura Zimmerman

Hi Dan,

I ran into you at the Library on Friday, but haven't gotten a chance to look up your blog until today.

I enjoyed reading your thoughts and analysis - I think you've asked a lot of important questions regarding what's next for demonstrators and politicians.

Saturday was an amazing show of support on the workers' side, and all was very peaceful (my partner and I shared hellos and good wishes, and discussed some opinions too, with a number of Walker supporters).

But tonight is said to be the first night the police, under orders, may try to clear out the Capitol. I'm not sure if this is "good" or "bad." Should protesters stay, lest the wedge be driven in against them, and they begin to lose momentum and faith? Or should they move out to keep the peace and give the government some space to run?

Tomorrow will be the fourth teacher sick-out day; what will Week 2 be like for the protests? Is there direct action that can be taken now to sway specific politicians? Holding the Square is great, but that alone won't change the political tide.

I do see that pro-worker demonstrations are spreading to other beleaguered states (for example Ohio), and have heard that Michigan's GOP governor now wants to negotiate with Unions.

Still, I believe that the protesting honeymoon is over - now there is present opposition, and now there are decisions and perhaps compromises to be made in order to achieve the general aims of the movement. I think those aims will need to be very sharply defined in the days to come, for any success to be attained. (Is Medicare as important as Union bargaining? What about the exception from affirmative action/EOE for sexual orientation?)

There's a lot going on here, very much in the view of the entire nation, and I wonder how everything will unfold.


Thank you for this Dan! I knew I could count on you to provide an inside view :)


Thank you, friends. Esp Laura, for your sharing your thoughts. Will try to keep up with this story, though the narrative is starting to fan out in a big way. Keep up your support and participation, however you choose to express it. It's all needed and appreciated!

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