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and how is it you can compare people running away from a crime to those commiting one.this slow motion invasion of the united states of america must stop.

dan s wang

And I ask you, how is it a crime to "look like" an undocumented immigrant? And if it is not, then why should a cop be allowed to stop you? Hm, Mr. Freedom, can you please explain?


it is a crime to sneak into another country,when 40 million people do it,it is a invasion,there has been a federal law on the books for almost as long as this country has been a country stating that you must be able to prove you are a citizen whenever a police officer stops you for anything,including a speeding ticket,you must show proof of who you are when you get a job,cash a check or even go to a hospital,these illegals are demanding their right to break the law,they are demanding special treatment,but you don't seem to understand this,why don't you sneak into mexico and see how your treated when you tell the local police that you don't feel the need to show your ''papers''..............

dan s wang

You didn't answer my question. Why should a police officer be allowed to stop somebody for "looking like" an undocumented immigrant? Not for a speeding ticket, not for any violation, not for wanting treatment at the hospital. FOR "LOOKING LIKE" AN UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANT. Explain. If you can't on the second try, then I guess you don't have an explanation.


read the law,not the federal law which allows for this,but the new state law that says they must be stopped for other reasons,then they must prove who they are,just like you me,or anybody else,they must prove who they are.what they are asking for is special rights above and beyond what you or i have.

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