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Guitar Army forever!  I remember reviewing your copy from highschool when I was out in Minnesota visiting you and the now-wife.  Great to hear you still have that book!  

dan s wang

I remember you buying your copy of Society of the Spectacle at Maximus!


Really?  Did I really have that in high school?  Because I never really read it until summer of sophomore year in college.  Anyway, it is still my favorite book of all time.  


yes, Ron Glotta. The same man who refuses to pay his own worker's a livable wage all the while paying family members whom don't work for the firm a paycheck and at a higher pay rate than the people who do work for him.

If you're lucky he'll pay you 10 bucks an hour but then he expects you to learn how to be an IT person and paralegal (which both make 40k minimum to START). He'll expect overtime without pay (we're fighting the man speech will come shortly after) and you'll get the "I can't afford to pay anything more" speech even though he's the one who puts on the Big Buck Dinner and donates money to local politicians.

He's had worker's with back problems but yet he places the heavy files on the floor.

He has flat out said that when minimum wage is uped he will only pay that and nothing more.

Just funny that the things he claims republican and the right are evil for Greed, not giving a shit about your workers, hoarding of wealth he is. Wolf in sheeps clothing and danger to the movement.


Oh did I forget to mention that he 1099's his workers? He knowingly mislabels employees as independent contractors so he doesn't have to pay into Worker's Comp, Social Security, and health benefits....the very thing he goes after companies for.

You have a starting time, you must work at the office, never off site, you cannot set your own hours, and you get paid weekly, and must use his equipment....but you're an independent contractor. Mr. Glotta knows he is violating the IRS's definition of "independent contractor."

Dan S Wang

I don't know Ron Glotta except through that brief encounter. I am familiar with the sleaze factor in Michigan labor politics and the egos on the activist scene so I do not discount what you say. But if you have some hard sources for the negatives you've thrown down, that would bolster your characterizations of the man. Do you have any?

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