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[this is good]

Very interesting, Dan. I always wondered why art shows were sometimes limited in their attendance and seemingly static. In my mind it was that there was no thread to the outside world. Music can be heard on radios, people singing songs outdoors, and science museums have a common thread whereever the story is (i.e. the controversey of evolution).

Politics is everywhere, so it's smart to have that thread attached to the art. With my watercolors, who would be interested in seeing the display unless they know me? Or unless there's some controversey.

dan s wang

The disconnection is a big problem with fine art in general, and it becomes concrete in art event attendance.

In addition to the limited reach of most art work, there is the self-limiting social nature of those events. While planning the project we talked some about conventional art openings. My opinion is that openings are an occasion for artists and art world people to practice behaviors that we have learned, for many it's from the time they were art students. After years of going to openings, we all know how to act at openings. But ordinary, non-art world people usually find them boring, intimidating, or pretentious, and don't know what they are supposed to do or say at openings. And then some artists wonder why only art people attend. Places like Mess Hall are about perforating that exclusivity.


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