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[this is good]

I've noticed that it's a predictable phenomenon - a once progressive, multicultural scene becomes popular and thereby morphs into a monoculture, cardboard-flavored experience. I'd like to think that each time it happens, a new niche opens up for a some other forward-thinking club or group. But who knows, maybe that's a process I'm projecting from the natural world, since I'm so entrenched in the world of biology. When in truth I know very little about the cyclical trends of the social scene in general.  :P

And what can you say about editing.....I can tell you this, the Independent Film Channel has no problem leaving "in" controversial material (from what I've seen, anyway).



Remember when we went to see John Lee Hooker in 1986 in the San Francisco Bay Area?  It was almost all "White" folks, and almost all men.  Jazz, in San Francisco at least, seems to be a different story.  Not that I really get out that much to tell (for why just look at

dan s wang

I remember that show. It was a good one.

I remember the opening band, Little Charlie and the Nightcats. I think they were the first pretty good white blues band I'd ever seen.

These days, when I reach screen time saturation, I turn to my books for relief. Will be getting outside soon's been a cold winter!


Wow, I didn't remember the openers.  What made an impression on my was how much older John Lee Hooker was than the rest of his band, how powerfully they played (especially the huge base), and how he held the center of gravity so naturally.  

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