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[this is good] So is this kind of art common in the city where you are? I live near a politically active city but it's mostly advertisements and a few political fliers. I would really like to see this type of art visible from the downtown sidewalks, not just relegated to a gallery somewhere.

dan s wang

Well, I wouldn't say it is common, but I would say it is present. Part of it is, Chicago's activist subculture is just that, a subculture. The specificity of the kinds of fliers you're talking about is obvious in Chicago (where I work), because the city is so diverse. By contrast, in Madison (where I live) the activist subculture is really strong and the city is far more homogenous, which makes those fliers into a general aesthetic. There is really no demand for activist creativity in Madison, because the communication is easier; a dominant bloc of citizens already shares the aesthetic language. The walls that separate peoples in Chicago screams for the creativity.

That's just one factor. There are others. Such as there being in Chicago a critical mass of college, university, and art school faculty who introduce their students to a world of socially-engaged creativity, who then go on to do their own work in the city. Most art schools and college art programs are rather conservative, and that's not true so much here.

Let me know if you ever come to either Chicago or Madison!


Definetly - both are on my list to visit soon.


[esto es genial] I know its kind of specific and wouldn't be super interesting to everyone, yet I am really curious about the discussion and points people brought up in duscussion of the Justseeds Portfolio.
What were the strengths people found in the imagery?
As an object the portfolio is lacking in text and other methods of explanation to contextualize the work.
We've [Justseeds] learned a bunch from this project and hope to improve upon this one for our future projects.

dan s wang

Omg, too much to go into. The discussion was really high quality and the analysis very detailed. There's no way I can remember all that was said. We talked a lot about Nicolas's milk carton, the slave ships on dry land one, Josh's behind red bars one, and a couple of others. Some didn't get much attention. We only just got to the topic of the suite AS a single work near the end. We talked then about the community garden print. Sorry, I'm not using titles, because I don't know them--and that's a good point, perhaps there should have been some explanatory text. Maybe next time you should send to anyone who wants to display it a titles sheet pdf that they could photocopy.

But it was a terrific event. We should do it again sometime, and I think it really puts Justseeds product to work in a way that helps realize it's potential as a teaching tool, a medium for discourse.

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