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chicago pop

To paraphrase Freud, sometimes a fuck-up is just a fuck-up.

I'll also invoke Hegel in support of the suggestion that, in lieu of
placing one's hopes exclusively in the hands of a single group --
(fuck-ups, the proletariat, the Third World) -- one might approach the
issue more dialectically. It's all about the structure of modernity, the roving and most cunning spirit of history.

And by that logic, I'm a freek too, or at least from the same
socio-economic substratum. It's all about middle class origins with a
deep, often unconscious assimilation to the liberal protestantism of
northern Europe. That's why there are so many freeks in the upper
midwest. It's not a big step from Garrison Keillor and Lake Wobegon to
Madison hippies and their CSAs and co-ops. I believe the sexual
revolution began in Sweden before anyplace else (discounting the Russian Revolution, but of course as with everything unleashed in that upheaval, it did not last very long).

As for Chicago's 1%, what with 4 liberal protestant seminaries, and a fairly liberal Catholic
one, it's not surprising that our one hundredth probably live mostly
in Hyde Park.

So there you have it: not that great a distance between Jesus, Saab, and organic gardening.

dan s wang

You should get paid for this kind of riffing!

chicago pop

And you get it for free!

(So does everyone else, unfortunately...)

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