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Mike Wolf

Dan, it has been really wonderful to see you work with what was your new place only a few short years ago. I remember being anxious and disappointed when you seemed to indicate that you would not find people that you could work with or relate to there as you did in Chicago (though those certainly weren't your exact words). Reading this, and knowing you somewhat better now, it is clear that you were full of shit when you said those things that made me anxious. What's more I think the gist of this post needs to be written for a broader Madison audience and in the next six years what about entertaining the idea of running for office? Hey, it's only a comment thread, but I'd be interested in your top 5 reasons why not.


Mike, I spent probably four solid years complaining about living in Madison. Now that people who live here are full of complaints themselves, I don't have to be the grouch anymore.


Great stuff. I think the public unions lost because enough workers lost those kinds of deals (to globalization) that the public unioms had long ago, and they don't perceive the situation as fair. Capital is now enjoying a giant upper hand due to globalization. But the tools for organizing globally have kept pace.

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