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Say what?? Joins bp ceo tony hayward?! Who joins bp ceo tony hayward in the first place??

dan s wang

Right. He didn't "join" Tony Hayward, but rather echoed the various statements Tony Hayward made in downplaying the disaster.


The Valdez spill is killing wildlife to this very day. Oil is sequestered in the gravel and in mussels; juvenille sea otters and guillemots have been shown to suffer and die from oil toxicity as we speak. There's also the pathetic goofy feel-good news stories about pelicans and gannets being rehabilitated; no one bothers to mention that after they're released they only have about a 12 percent chance of surviving.

Then there's the fishermen who are vowing to sell fish they catch illegally because if the oil isn't visible, it must not be there.

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